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Short Skits Make History More Fun!

《Short Skits Make History More Fun!》 The grade 4 class has been learning all about the causes of the Revolutionary War. This project had the students focus on the Stamp Act, and how it would cause the colonists to become more and more angry with the British, eventually leading to a revolution. The students used their writing and acting skills to create a play where they acted out a reenactment of a Taxman coming to ask for taxes to one of the Colonist's homes. The students did a great job showing their knowledge, and also having fun along the way.

《短劇讓歷史變好玩!》 四年級班課程目前正學習革命戰爭的起源。 課程中學生們瞭解印花稅法,以及它為何讓英國在美洲殖民地人們,對此稅法群情激憤並強烈抵抗,最終引發革命戰爭。學生們重新改編並表演了一最齣短劇,劇中他們演出稅務員向殖民者課稅;學生們將所學得的知識展演出來,享受邊玩邊學的樂趣。

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