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Jobs In The Community

《JOBS IN THE COMMUNITY》 The first graders have done such an amazing job researching and writing a short report about important jobs in the community, such as a vet, traffic officer, nurse, architect, judge, and carmaker. As part of their final presentation, the students also made props and costumes to present their roles to the class. The students made use of their knowledge from social studies, reading, writing and technology. Please like and share to show them your support!

《各行各業》 老師讓一年級的學生們以『各行各業』做為期末報告,學生們在簡報上下足了工夫,他們製作了道具、打扮成簡報的角色,他們報告的行業有:獸醫、交通警察、護士、建築師、法官和汽車製造人員。簡報的內容都是學生們,運用在社會科學、閱讀、寫作及科學,所學習到的知識運用。 喜歡他們的報告,請按讚分享,鼓勵他們^^

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