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Our fourth annual HAS Model United Nations is here!

Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations, where students will discuss world issues, thus MUN is a great opportunity for students to practise public speaking and leadership skills.

HASMUN IV is on May 22nd from 8:30AM to 3:40PM and the conference is free of charge! HASMUN is open for HAS students only, as the aim is to allow for students who are unfamiliar to give MUN a try, and for MUN club students to have one last conference at the end of the year. Please sign up on our website:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to talk/email Kelly Loo ( or Atulya Mittal (

第四屆的新竹美國學校模聯活動(HASMUN)要來了! 模擬聯合國仿擬了聯合國的會議,讓學生們聚在一起討論世界性的議題。這個活動也提供了讓學生練習演講及領導的機會。 HASMUN IV 將在 5/22 早上8:30 到下午3:40之間舉行,活動全程免費。 今年,HASMUN只開放本校學生參與,我們希望藉此讓年輕的學員們更熟悉會議的形式及社交的技巧。 有興趣的學生請在我們的網站上報名https://hasmun 如果有問題 歡迎來洽

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