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Great Success at the Robotics Competition!

🤖🏅 Great Success at the Robotics Competition! 🏅🤖

We're thrilled to share that our middle school and high school teams had an amazing experience at the recent Taiwan Vex Robotics Competition! This event was not only about the challenge but also a fantastic learning opportunity. Our students embraced teamwork, creative problem-solving, and formed friendships with students from other schools.

Special congratulations to our middle school team for an impressive 7th place finish out of 27 Taiwanese teams! 🎉

This competition was a great journey of learning, and we're proud of all our students for their hard work and achievements. Here's to future innovations!

🤖🏅 機器人競賽大成功! 🏅🤖

我們非常高興地告訴大家,我們的初中隊和高中隊在Vex 機器人競賽中獲得了令人驚豔的成績!這次活動不僅是一場挑戰,也是一個極好的學習機會。我們的學生在其中展現了團隊合作、創造性解決問題的能力,並與來自其他學校的學生建立了友誼。



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