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9/8-9 Lock-In (G6-12) // Lock-In活動 (G6-12)

August 31, 2023 Dear Parents and/or Guardians, The Lock-In at HAS is finally here! The Lock-In will take place Friday, September 8, 5:00 PM through Saturday, September 9, 10:00 AM for 6th-12th grade students. The Lock-In is a tradition here at HAS, and it is a great way for students to bond and build a family environment. The Lock-In will include a number of activities for the students to participate in, such as team building games, team competitions, video/board games, karaoke, and much more! Students may bring their own books, handheld games, or other card/board games. The Student Council has spent a lot of time and energy planning this event for our students, and we are very excited to participate in it! In the evening, students will be served pizza and salad prepared for them by the Student Council, and breakfast will be a select choice of items from McDonalds. Some snacks will be provided by the Student Council, and the Student Store will also be opened throughout the event as well. The Lock-In fee is 150 NTD for Middle School/High School students. At night, boys and girls in middle school and high school will be separated into different rooms for sleeping, with designated male and female chaperones checking in periodically. Drugs, smoking, or alcohol are strictly prohibited on campus. Lock-In is a school event, so all rules and consequences outlined in the HAS Student Handbook will be strictly adhered to. Teacher chaperones, as well as office staff, will be on campus throughout the entirety of the event. After school on September 8, students may choose to remain on campus or to go home to shower and get ready. Students who leave may begin arriving back at school at 4:30 PM and must be in the building by 5:00 PM. Late arrivals will not be permitted. For safety reasons, participants will not be allowed to leave early, except in cases of emergency or illness. Students may be picked up starting at 9:00 AM and must be picked up no later than 10:00 AM. When arriving and departing, teens must check in with the designated chaperones. Permission forms and Code of Conduct forms, along with the activity fee, must be returned to Ms. Dora in the accounting office by Wednesday, September 6, 2023. We are looking forward to a very successful event! Please feel free to contact Mr. Kensinger if you have any questions or concerns. Sincerely, Mr. Kensinger HAS Vice Principal/Student Council Advisor

2023年8月31日 親愛的家長/監護人您好: 新竹美國學校Lock-In活動即將要來臨啦!6-12年級學生活動日期為9月8日(星期五)下午5:00至9月9日(星期六)上午10:00。Lock-In活動是本校傳統,這是讓學生間彼此建立如同家人般緊密關係的最好方法。Lock-In活動將進行團康遊戲、團體競賽、電玩及桌遊、卡拉OK…等許多豐富有趣的活動。學生們可以帶自己的書、電玩以及桌遊和同學們分享。學生會花了相當大精力策畫這次的活動,讓我們能開心參與。 此次的Lock-In活動,晚餐由學生會為學生們準備比薩和沙拉,隔天早餐則是麥當勞經典組合。另外學生會將提供一些點心,學生商店在活動期間開放營業,當然學生們可以自備小零嘴到校。每位參加活動的中學部及高中部學生需繳交活動費150元。 夜間中學和高中男、女生將被分配到不同的教室就寢,有值班男老師和女老師定期巡查。校園內嚴禁使用毒品、抽煙及含酒精飲料。夜宿校園活動期間,老師們及行政同仁將在校園內巡邏,活動規則依新竹美國學校學生手冊規定辦理。 9月8日(星期五)活動當天放學後,學生可以選擇先回家盥洗或留在校園內,返家學生務必於下午4:30返回學校,活動準時於下午5:00開始,請勿遲到。基於安全理由,參加活動的學生除緊急情況或生病,否則不允許提早離開學校。隔天早晨9:00活動結束,家長即可接回學生,最晚請勿超過10:00,每位學生都應由家長陪同返家。 Lock-In活動家長同意書、活動規範及活動費用請於9月6日(星期三)前將交給307辦公室吳老師(Ms. Dora),讓期待這次的活動圓滿成功!如果您有任何疑問或疑慮,可隨時與Mr. Kensinger聯絡。 敬祝 平安順心 副校長/學生會指導老師 Mr. Kensinger

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