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6/1 Textbook and Locker Key Return

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have once again reached the end of our school year and have a couple final announcements for our valued HAS students and parents.

This Thursday, June 3rd will be the last day of classes. On Friday, June 4th we will be posting our virtual graduation and awards ceremony at 10 a.m. We will be sending out the link to the graduation and award ceremony the morning of the ceremony through Facebook and LINE. The link will also be emailed to parents and students through email.

Due to the circumstances we are still not allowing students on campus, but this is a schedule for you to come in and drop off textbooks and return locker keys. If you are unable to find your child’s name, or if the time listed does not work for you, please contact Mr. Max. Also, if you are going to ask another student or parent to return the textbooks or locker keys on your behalf, please also contact Mr. Max. The deadline for dropping off the textbook and returning locker keys is June 25. The accounting department will start issuing invoices for any missing textbooks or locker keys on the week of June 28. When you return your textbooks, you will be able to pick up your yearbook, school hat, diplomas and awards certificates.

Locker deposits will be transferred over to the next academic school year. If you are transferring out of the country before June 21, please make an appointment in order to return your textbooks and locker key.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and we appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this time.


Mrs. Wilson


親愛的家長/監護人 您好:


6 月 3 日(星期四)為最後一天上課日。 6 月 4 日(星期五)上午 10 :00學校將舉行線上畢業典禮及頒獎典禮。典禮收看連結將於當日上午透過學校官方LINE及Facebook公告。同時將連結以電子郵件寄送至學生及家長帳號。

由於目前疫情影響,校園仍然不允許學生進入,附上學生歸還教科書及置物櫃鑰匙時間表。如果您在附表中找不到您孩子的名字、時間不合適,請與Mr. Max聯繫。倘若您委託其他學生或家長協助歸還教科書及置物櫃鑰匙,也請與Mr. Max聯繫。教科書及置物櫃鑰匙歸還截止日至6月25日。6月28日起會計部門將統一開立教科書及置物櫃鑰匙未歸還繳費單,置物櫃押金將直接移轉至下學年。歸還手續完成後,將可領回畢業紀念冊、學校帽子、畢業證書及獎狀。





校長 Mrs. Wilson

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