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5/6/2021 11th Grade Parent Night

On Thursday, May 6 HAS hosted their annual 11th grade Parent Night. This is a very important night for 11th graders and their parents to get very important information about their senior year and college acceptances. There was a presentation presented by Mr. Murphy and then time for questions afterward. This is a great opportunity for our students to be well prepared for their senior year.

新竹美國學校5月6日(星期四)舉辦了11年家長之夜。 對於11年級的學生和家長來說,這是一個非常重要的夜晚,座談會由Mr. Murphy進行簡報,告訴家長和學生們升級至12年級要如何準備課業及大學申請的重要資訊,會後還有問答時間。對學生來說,這是能瞭解在校最後一年,要如何準備課業的最好機會。

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