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5/3 Global Citizenship Award

Global Citizenship Award》

For the first time in two years, the elementary team decided on two deserving candidates to be the Global Citizen representors for the month of May.

The first student is someone who has shown tremendous growth throughout the year. He is generous with his time, patient with his classmates, and has learned to be more responsible as a whole. Although young in age, he shows a lot of maturity by actively trying to follow all school rules. Not to mention, he was instrumental in pulling in more customers at the end of our Spring Fair, even though it was well after his shift.

The second student has not been here long, but has transitioned very well into our school environment in such a short period of time. He is consistently polite, respectful, patient, and kind to everyone both inside and outside the classroom. Additionally, he is proactive in all his studies and displays a lot of courage when trying new things to actively work on self-improvement.

Congratulations to Hardy Chen and Pranav Shyam! We are immensely proud of your hard work and dedication!





讓我們恭喜Hardy Chen及Pranav Shyam! 你們的努力老師們看到了,真的值得為你們喝彩!

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