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5/12 Changes Due to the Current COVID Situation

May 12, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In light of the recent COVID cases and in accordance with Taiwanese law we have decided to make some changes to upcoming school events. Despite the circumstance, we are still trying to provide the best possible options for our students. Below are the outlined changes for each event. Please note that details are subject to change as we receive more information. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Spring Fair (May 15)

Spring Fair will still be held on Saturday, May 15 but we will be following proper safety guidelines. Everyone will be required to take their temperature at the door and to wear a mask. All outside guests will be asked to fill out their travel information before entering. Alcohol spray will be provided at each booth in the event. The eating area will be following social distancing guidelines.

Senior Trip (May17-21)

The Senior Trip will be postponed until after June 8th. During this time we will be monitoring the situation and we hope to reschedule the event once it is deemed safe to travel again.

High School, Middle School and Elementary End of Year Trip (May 21)

All off-campus trips will be canceled at this point in time. To make up for the loss of this event we will be hosting a whole school lock-out party on campus on Friday, May 21. The school will be planning activities and providing food and snacks for the students. We will do our best to make this a special event for the students despite the circumstances.

5th, 8th, and 12th Grade Graduation (June 3)

All graduation ceremonies will be held at the Lake Shore Hotel on Thursday, June 3. Only Staff and graduating students will be allowed to attend in person to maintain social distancing policies in compliance with the COVID restrictions. We will be live streaming the event for all family and friends to watch.

Prom (June 4)

At this point in time, only staff and students will be attending. No outside students will be allowed to attend. Again, we will be monitoring the situation closely and plans may have to change in the future.


Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Wilson


敬愛的家長/監護人 您好:


春季園遊會 (5月15日)


高中部畢業旅行 (5月17日至5月21日)


高中部、中學部、小學部學年末戶外活動 (5月21日)

各學部戶外活動將暫停辦理,為了彌補學生們的期待,我們將於5月21日(星期五) 舉辦期末派對,學校將策劃豐富校內活動並提供餐點,疫情期間我們盡最大努力讓活動更完善。

五年級、八年級、十二年級畢業典禮 (6月3日)


畢業舞會 (6月4日)




總校長Mr. Murphy及校長Mrs. Wilson

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