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4/17 H.A.S. Clean Up Day

In preparation for Earth Day, our entire school took part in a special “Clean-Up Day” event last Friday. Beforehand, students discussed the local and global littering problem with their homeroom classes and brainstormed ways to make a difference. They then took action by cleaning up both inside and outside of our school. Some outside focused areas included our sports fields, playground, and parking area. These are areas our students need to target on a daily basis in order to improve our environment. Moving forward, our students will work together to maintain our community and prevent further littering problems by raising awareness and leading by example.

上週五為了替『世界地球日』暖身,特別舉辦全校 “清潔日”活動。 活動前,學生們在課堂上討論了個各地和全球亂丟垃圾的問題,並集思廣益探討如何改變現況。 然後學生們採取了具體行動,著手清理校園內、外環境。 校外環境的清理重點區域,包括運動場、遊樂場和停車場,這些區域都是學生們為改善校園環境的清理目標。期望學生們能透過這樣的活動,提高保環意識且能以身作則,共同維護社區環境,不隨意亂丟垃圾。

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