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3/7 Group Photo Day Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This email is to inform you that next Tuesday (03/07) will be our group photo day here at Hsinchu American School. We expect that classes may be slightly disrupted throughout this day, and we hope that all students and parents will be understanding of this process. We also request that students will present themselves in a respectable manner on this day, and not wear white clothes as it can interfere with the processing of images. If your child is unable to attend school on that day, please let me know immediately to make alternate arrangements.

Kind regards,

Mitchell Hall

Associate Principal


3月7日(星期二) 學校安排進行學生團體照拍攝活動,當日課程可能因為拍攝工作造成些許干擾,請您諒解。為使團體照拍攝留下美好回憶,建議學生拍照前一天清潔頭髮、充足睡眠、拍照當天穿著適當服裝,切勿穿著白色衣物,以避免照片人物無法突顯;如果學生當天必須請假,請務必提前通知學校,以上事項,感謝您的配合與協助。

敬祝 安康

副校長 Mr. Hall

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