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3/16 Play Day for PACK

On Thursday, March 16th, there was a special charity event at school for PACK Taiwan, an animal rescue center for dogs. Students from all grade levels came together to play different games organized by the 2nd grade class. The event was held as part of their social studies project and in memory of Mr. Kudra and Mrs. Roman’s dog, Laopi, who was adopted from PACK, but unfortunately passed away in February. Many students at HAS grew to love Laopi from his visits to school events over the past few years, and the 2nd grade class wanted to do something special to help other dogs like him.

Mr. Kudra’s class spent the past month planning, organizing, promoting, and finally running the charity event. It included several games teachers and students could play to win tickets that could be exchanged for prizes. The class was able to raise an impressive 7865nt to donate to PACK Taiwan that will help hundreds of dogs in need. Not only did the 2nd graders work hard and enjoy their project, but they also learned how rewarding it is to give back to the community. We are incredibly proud of their dedication and hard work and are appreciative of all the support they received from HAS students and teachers!

If you are also interested in supporting PACK Taiwan please visit to learn more about them and how you can help! Thank you!

3/16星期四,我們在學校中庭舉辦了一場特別的慈善籌款活動,為PACK Taiwan拯救狗狗動物救援中心募資。整個活動由二年級學生規畫不同遊戲,全校師生一同參與。這次活動也是二年級學生社會研究專題的一部分。這個活動同時也為了紀念 Kudra 先生和 Roman 女士的狗狗 Laopi,Laopi 是從 PACK 領養的,但不幸在今年二月去世了。HAS 的許多學生在過去幾年的學校活動中非常喜愛 Laopi,因此二年級學生希望做些特別的事情來幫助像Laopi一樣的其他狗狗。 Kudra 先生帶領二年級的學生花了一個月時間籌劃、組織、宣傳和最後舉辦慈善活動。全校師生共同參與遊戲,獲勝者可以贏得兌獎品票券。二年級學生們成功募集了新台幣7865元,豐盛的成果將捐贈給 PACK Taiwan,將幫助數百隻需要幫助的狗狗。二年級的孩子們不僅努力工作也在這次的專題研究找到了樂趣,同時也學到了施比受便有福。我們非常為他們的奉獻和辛勤工作感到開心,感謝所有HAS學生和教師給予活動的支持! 如果您也有興趣支持 PACK Taiwan,請訪問 了解更多關於他們的資訊以及您可以如何提供幫助!謝謝!

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