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2024/1/29~2024/2/2 Spirit Week

2024/1/29-2024/2/2 Spirit Week

The quarter 3 Spirit Week event was absolutely amazing! All the participants showed great enthusiasm and wore fabulous outfits, which made the event even more exciting. Thank everyone who participated in making it a fun occasion.

1/29 Pajama Day

1/30 Grade Color Day

1/31 ES/ Amina Day, MS HS/ University Day

2/1 Hoodie Day

2/2 HAS Spirit Day

 2024/1/29-2024/2/2 主題服裝週

第三季的主題服裝週活動真的太精彩了!  感謝大家對主題服裝週的用心裝扮和熱情參與。 感謝所有參與的人,讓這活動更加豐富有趣。

1/29 睡衣日

1/30 年級色彩日

1/31 小學/動物日 中學,高中/大學服裝日

2/1 連帽T日

2/2 HAS Spirit Day 新竹美國學校日

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