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2023 Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch

November 3, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are hosting our annual Thanksgiving event on Thursday, November 23 starting at 11:30 a.m. This is a great opportunity for students and parents to participate in American traditions and festivities. The event will start with a family-style Thanksgiving potluck lunch in the cafeteria, followed by a teachers versus students flag football game. Throughout the afternoon, the students will participate in different activities. Buses will run as normal at the end of the school day.

We ask that students and parents prepare a dish to share at the event. Portion sizes for each dish should serve approximately 10 people. Please deliver your food to the school between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Food contributions have been organized by grade level to ensure enough variety. Please fill out the Google Form for each child of yours to RSVP for the event by Friday, November 17th, and also fill out what food you are bringing so we can ensure a nice assortment of different foods!

The grade assignments for this year are:

  • Grade 1-4: Beverages

  • Grade 5: Snacks

  • Grade 6: Side Dishes (Vegan - Non-Dairy)

  • Grade 7: Main Dishes (Western Style)

  • Grade 8: Main Dishes (Vegan-Non-Dairy)

  • Grade 9: Side Dishes (Asian Style)

  • Grade 10: Side Dishes (Western Style)

  • Grade 11: Main Dishes (Asian Style)

  • Grade 12: Desserts

This is one of our favorite events at Hsinchu American School because it is a great opportunity for staff, students, and parents to celebrate our school community and enjoy some interaction outside of the classroom together.

Let us welcome the beginning of our Holiday season here at HAS.


Mr. Kensinger

Vice Principal




學校將於11月23日(星期四) 11:30 舉辦一年一度的感恩節活動,誠摯的邀請您蒞臨,這是學生和家長參加美國傳統慶典活動的難得機會。活動以家庭式感恩節餐會開啟活動序幕,大家可以一同品嚐美味佳餚,分享感恩之情。餐會後學生與教師將進行腰旗橄欖球比賽,整個下午學生們有豐富趣味的活動可以參加,當天校車發車時間維持不變。





6年級:副菜 (純素、無乳製品)

7年級:主菜 (西式)

8年級:主菜 (純素、無乳製品)

9年級:副菜 (中式)

10年級:副菜 (西式)

11年級:主菜 (中式)




敬祝 順心平安

副校長 Mr. Kensinger

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