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2023-2024 History Fair Winners

On November 15-16th, our students participated in our annual history fair. These are our 2023-2024 winners! 【1st-3rd Grade】 1st Place - Anais Wu & Luca Yang 2nd Place - Razana Chin 3rd Place - Victoria Wang Honorable Mention - Tristan Chiu

【4th-5th Grade】 1st Place - Charlene Jiang 2nd Place - Molly Klossner, Suri Liu & Aisha Yang 3rd Place - Hang Wang Honorable Mention - Amelie Chou

【Middle School】 1st Place - Angela Chen 2nd Place - Allison Yu 3rd Place - Violette Delizy Honorable Mention - Bianca Yu Honorable Mention - James Jiang

【High School】 1st Place - Clio Chen 2nd Place - Erwyn Murphy 3rd Place - Rady Chin Honorable Mention - Cindy Wu Honorable Mention - Hogan Wong

Congratulations to our winners. Thank you all for participating!

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