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8/29~8/30 Student Council Retreat

On Sunday, August 29 and Monday, August 30 HAS Student Council members went on a retreat to Taichung. This is an annual event where students get to bond, learn all about Stuco and plan events for the year. This year was a great success and we are very excited about our Student Council! #HsinchuAmericanSchool #HAS #Stuco #StudentCouncil

新竹美國學校所有學生會成員,在8 月 29 日(星期日)至 8 月 30日(星期一) ,前往台中舉辦共識營。 在這個年度活動中,所有學生會成員們可以籍此聯絡情感,更瞭解學生會的運作模式,並且開始著手計劃未來學校即將舉辦的所有活動,這次的共識營活動圓滿落幕,我們對今年的學生會深具有信心。 #新竹美國學校 #學生會 #共職營

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