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2021 Winter Performance

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Friday, December 10th from 18:00-20:30 we will be hosting our annual Winter Performance. All grade levels will be performing as well as Drama, Dance Club, Rock Band, Student Council, and Classical Music Club. Community Service will also be doing a raffle to raise money for World Vision. As this is a mandatory event for our students, dinner will be provided by the school and all school busses will leave at 21:00.

This is always a very wonderful and festive event and we would like to invite all of you to come join us in support of all of our talented students.


Mrs. Wilson



本校謹訂於12 月 10 日(星期五)18:00至20:30,舉辦『2021冬季表演晚會』,各年級學生和戲劇社、舞蹈社、搖滾樂團、學生會、古典音樂社,都賣力準備了精彩表演,要帶給您聽覺及視覺饗宴。如同往年,今年社區服務社團,也安排了內容豐富的聖誕禮籃,將在晚會中募款抽獎,為世界展望會籌集資金。尤於這是學校例行活動,全校學生必須要參加此活動,晚餐將由學校統一提供,當日校車調整至21:00發車返家。




校長Mrs. Wilson

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