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2021/2022 Science Fair Winners

2021/2022 Science Fair Winners

【ELEMENTARY SCHOOL】 1st Place: Hank Wang & Ellis Lan 2nd Place: Suri Liu 3rd Place: Ryan Kuo Honorable Mention: Gerald Leung & Yoyo Chen Honorable Mention: Aisha Yang

【5th & 6th Grade】 1st Place: Andrew Kuo 2nd Place: Angela Wen 3rd Place: Peter Chang Honorable Mention: Henry Gau

【7th & 8th Grade】 1st Place: Espen Fu 2nd Place: Allen Chen 3rd Place: Mandy Lin Honorable Mention: Ryan Chen & Eugene Gau

【HIGH SCHOOL】 1st Place: Bessie Sun & Andrew Kao 2nd Place: Jacob Chiang & Kerdis Pan 3rd Place: Erwyn Murphy Honorable Mention: Steve Loo & David Kim

Congratulations to our winners. Thank you all for participating!

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