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9/10 Physics Class -Constant-Velocity Motion

In physics last week, students observed the constant-velocity motion of two objects: a bowling ball and an RC car. Their goal was to create a graphical representation of the motion to compare the velocities of the two objects. Eventually, students will create a linear regression of this graphical representation and use that regression to analyze the motion of the objects. It was hot on the ground floor last week, but the students worked hard and took good data despite the heat!


在上週的物理課程中,學生們學習觀察兩個物體的等速度運動:一顆保齡球和一輛搖控模型車。 他們的學習目標是紀錄物體的等速運動並繪製成圖形,來比較兩個物體的移動速度。 最後,學生們將數據繪製成線性回歸圖,並使用回歸分析物體的運動。 由於上週的天氣非常炎熱,在如此酷熱的天氣中,學生們還是非常努力實驗取得很好的數據!

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