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8/19 College Essay Class

This week the college essay students made collages from old magazines to represent who they are. The images could connect to their interests, their personalities, or anything else about them. This is in preparation for the reflective writing unit in college essay where students will need to reflect on what obstacles they have overcome in order to be who they are today. Many essays for college applications ask students to think deeply about their life up until now, and this is great preparation for these essays!


本週,大學論文寫作課程的學生們利用舊雜誌,製作了代表自己的拼貼畫。 運用雜誌裡的圖像內容,與他們的興趣、個性及其他與自己相關的事物連結。 讓學生藉由這樣的課程活動培養反思能力,為大學論文寫作單元做準備,學生們需要思考自己已經克服了哪些障礙,才能成就現在的自己。許多大學申請,會要求學生們要有深入思考的能力,以便對論文寫做做好準備!

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