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2020 Graduation Ceremony

Dear Parents/Guardians It has been an interesting and unique year for all of us here at HAS. Due to the coronavirus, we have had to change many of our events for the year. But, we are still very proud of our seniors and want to do all that we can to celebrate their accomplishments. We are unable to open up our campus to all visitors, but parents of 5th, 8th, and 12th graders may come to watch their children graduate. Due to the social distancing requirements, we can only allow two family members per graduate, please fill out this survey. This event will take place on June 11th from 3:10-5:00 PM. Because of graduation, the school bus will be leaving at 5 PM that day. All photos from the event will be uploaded to our Facebook page for all family and friends to see. Despite these unusual circumstances we hope that all of you will be able to join us in supporting our seniors at graduation. Sincerely Mrs. Wilson Vice Principal


敬愛的家長您好: 由於新冠病毒疫情持續影響,今年對我們來說,是非常特別的一年;為了遵守政府防疫規定,我們不得不改變學年中許多活動進行方式,包含即將來臨的畢業典禮。因此今年的畢業典禮,僅邀請五、八、十二年級畢業生家長(僅限二名)出席典禮;畢業生家長若您欲參加今年的畢業典禮,請填寫問。即使如此,我們衷心為所有的畢業生,完成學業而感到高興與驕傲!今年的典禮雖然與往年不同,但我們努力讓所有畢業生有個難忘的回憶。 畢業典禮將於6月11日下午3點15分至5點舉行,當天校車將調整至5點發車。 這次畢業典禮活動照片,我們將於活動後上傳至新竹美國學校臉書粉絲專頁,感謝您的配合與支持,讓我們一同為畢業生獻上誠摯的祝福。 敬祝 順心平安 副校長Mrs. Wilson

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