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4/30 G6 Literature Class

The 6th grade literature class has been reading Iqbal, a fictionalized account about a group of children who were forced to engage in slave labor, and a real life hero who fought for the freedom of child slaves in Pakistan. As part of their unit assessment, the students were required to prepare a speech about a well- developed character in the novel. They needed to get into the mind of the character and speak as if they were the character whilst keeping the identity of the character a surprise until the end of their presentation

六年級的文學課一直在閱讀『伊克巴爾』這是一個虛構的故事,內容講述了一群被迫成為奴隸的兒童,以及為巴基斯坦奴隸自由而戰的現實生活英雄的故事。學生們必需準備有關於這個小說故事,其中一個角色性格報告做為期中評量一部分。 學生需要進入這個角色的思維模式及他們說話方式,同時維持角色的性格的驚喜感,直到報告結束。

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