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4/29 G1 Science Class

😀1st Grade made a 💦rain gauge for science class. First, we used a recycled bottle and cut the top to make a funnel. Next, we found rocks and washed them so we could put them on the bottom of the bottle to make it steady against wind. Then, we measured and marked the bottle in 1 cm increments. Last, we poured 1 cm of water to provide a base level for future measurements. Now, we are ready to measure 💦rainfall!


😀一年級在科學課時製作了💦雨量計。 一開始我們使用了回收保特瓶,切開保特瓶底部, 就形成一個漏斗。 接下來我們找來一些小碎石洗乾淨,將它們放在瓶子的底部,使瓶子更穩固防止被風吹倒。 然後我們以1公分的增量測量並標記瓶子。 最後我們倒了1公分的水,做為以後的測量基準。 現在我們可以開始測量💦降雨嘍!!

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