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4/25 Physics Lab Speed of Sound

In physics class, students had a chance to measure the speed of sound in the HAS science lab! They used tuning forks of different frequencies to create resonance in a plastic tube. With the graph of their data and some calculations, they were able to measure the speed of sound!

#HsinchuAmericanSchool #physicsClass #SpeedOfSound


在物理課上,學生有機會在新竹美國學校科學實驗室中進行測量聲音速度的實驗! 他們使用不同頻率的音叉在塑料水管中產生共振。 籍由數據圖表和一些計算公式,讓他們能夠測得聲音的速度!

#新竹美國學校 #物理課 #聲音的速度

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