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4/23 Student Council Election Speech

On Thursday at HAS we had our 🧒👦Student Council election speeches🎤 for the executive positions (Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and President). During this time, the candidates spoke directly to their fellow students, detailing why they think they are right for the position and answered questions from both students and teachers about how they would handle certain situations. It was a fun and educational experience for the HAS student body. 😃

#HsinchuAmericanSchool #StudentCouncil #CouncilElectionSpeech


本周四在新竹美國學校進行了一場🧒👦學生會行政幹部(財務長、秘書長、副會長和會長)的政見發表會🎤。 在這場政見發表會中,所有候選人直接與同學們表述自己為何適合擔任這個職務,並回答了同學和老師們關於出現某些情況,候選人將會如何處理相關問題。 對於新竹美國學校的學生來說,這是一次很有趣的民主教育經歷。😃

#新竹美國學校 #學生會 #學生會政見發表

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