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4/10 G5 Math Class

The fifth grade math class has been learning about graphing and analyzing data. They did a simple experiment to see if water would cool at a consistent rate after ice was added to it. After they collected their data, they made line graphs. 👧🧒They used guiding questions to explain and analyze their data. After completing this experiment, the students learned that water started to cool down quickly, but as time passed and the ice melting, the rate of change slowed down significantly. This experiment was a great way to practice collecting, graphing, and analyzing data!😄


五年級數學課目前在學習有關圖形和數據分析的課程。 他們做了一個簡單的實驗,看看水加入冰塊後是否會以恆定的速度降溫。他們👧🧒收集數據後,繪製線形圖📈, 他們以問題導向來解釋和分析數據。 這個實驗完成後,學生們瞭解,水加入冰塊之後一開始溫度會迅速下降,經過一段時間後冰塊融化,溫度下降速度就會明顯趨緩。 這個實驗是讓學生們練習收集數據,繪製圖形和分析數據的好方法!😄

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