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3/25 AP Physics 1

Today in AP Physics 1, students made their own simple circuits to test small light bulbs💡. They measured the resistance of each bulb and the current through each bulb. Later on, they will graph✍️ their values for resistance and current to find out if the light bulbs💡 are ohmic or not!

#AP Physics 1 #Mr. Maginn class


在《 大學先修物理1課程》中,學生們自己製作單純迴路來測試小型燈泡💡。 他們測量了每個燈泡的電阻和通過每個燈泡的電流量,最後他們還將測到的電阻和電流數據值繪製成圖表✍️,來證明燈泡💡是否以歐姆來計算電阻值!

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