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Dear HAS Parents,

Currently, many Taiwanese citizens are returning to the country due to the coronavirus situation abroad, and this includes many university students. Administrators at international schools in Taiwan are concerned that many of these returning students may have siblings who attend their schools and could increase the risk of community spread.

We would like you to inform us if you have a family member who has returned from abroad over the last 14 days and from where. We are collecting this information so as to be able to make better informed decisions about the school's operation over the next several weeks. Please fill out the following survey:

Thanks for your cooperation.


Darin Murphy Head of School Hsinchu American School



由於新冠病毒疫情在國外爆發大流行,目前有許多居留在海外的台灣人正積極返國,其中包括許多在國外的留學生。 以致台灣許多國際學校管理者都非常擔心,因為這些返國的留學生中可能有同住的兄弟姐妹上學,造成校園傳播感染的風險。

如果您有家人在過去14天內自國外返台、由哪裏返台?希望您能通知學校。 我們正在收集這些防疫資料,以便未來能學校的運作上做出更明確的決定。



敬祝 順心平安

總校長 Darin Murphy 新竹美國學校


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