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3/5 Lunch Time

To strengthen our precaution and prevention of the coronavirus, we have split our students into two for lunch to avoid the possibility of cross-infection. Elementary and middle school student have lunch from 11:15-11:35, and high school students have lunch from 11:35-12:00.

Usually, lunch is self-served. But to prevent the possibility of contaminating the food with germs, lunch is served in lunch boxes instead. We have a staggered seating arrangement during lunch and the students are advised not to talk.

We are continually working hard to maintain a clean and healthy enviorment for our students, teachers, and staff at the Hsinchu American School.


用餐時間為加強新冠病毒感染控制,我們採取分批用餐,以避免交叉感染。 為降低學生自行舀湯打菜,手部污染食物,採用每人一餐盒,宣導用餐不交談。 為了維護學生們的健康,我們持續努力。

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