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2020 History Fair Winners

2019-2020 History Fair Congratulation to our winners🎉 【1ST - 4TH GRADE】 - 1st Place: Azalea Gibbons - 2nd Place: Ellie Chen - 3rd Place: Yuki Lai - Honorable Mention: Hua Hua Chang and Suri Liu

【5TH - 6TH GRADE】 - 1st Place: Edison L. Chi - 2nd Place: Ryan Chen - 3rd Place: Charlize Liu - Honorable Mention: Amy Han

【7TH - 8TH GRADE】 - 1st Place: Jacob Chiang - 2nd Place: Lian Chang - 3rd Place: Steve Loo - Honorable Mention: Yoyo Lai and Sophie Su

【HIGH SCHOOL】 - 1st Place: Brenda Hsiao - 2nd Place: Edward Kao - 3rd Place: James Chang and Andrew Chen - Honorable Mention: Dasha Zaytseva and Molly Cheng


2019-2020 歷史展 恭喜獲獎同學🎉

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