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3/3 Physics: Calorimetry Lab

Physics: Calorimetry lab Students in physics today were challenged to find the specific heat capacity of three different unknown materials using calorimeters and thermometers. They were not given specific instructions, so they had to work together to think of their own experiment to find each material's specific heat capacity and use that value to determine what the materials were.

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物理課:量熱實驗室 學生們在今天的物理課中,試著使用熱量計及溫度計來找出三種不同的且未知的材料有哪些。在沒有具體的說明下,學生們必須共同思考自己的實驗所得到資料,來找出每種材料的比熱容,並使用得到的數據來確定材料名稱。

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