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3/3 AP Physics 1: Sticky Tape Activity

AP Physics 1: Sticky Tape Activity In AP Physics 1 today, students used sticky tape, aluminum foil, paper, a PVC pipe, and a glass rod to create models for charge transfer and interactions between charges of different objects. It was their first exploration of electrostatics this year. Students were tasked to observe interactions between the given objects after ripping pieces of tape apart. Like magic, the pieces of tape experienced an invisible electric force from different objects!

#AP Physics🧪 #Mr.Maginn Class👨‍🏫


進階先修物理1:膠帶活動 在今天的《 進階先修物理 1》中,學生們使用膠帶、鋁箔、纸,塑膠吸管和玻璃棒來製作實驗模型,使用這些材料的目的,來促使電流交換以及不同材料物體電流之間的相互作用。這是學生們第一次進行静電探索。撕去膠帶後,學生們繼續觀察二者之間的相互作用。膠带就像被施了魔法一樣,承受着來自不同物體的無形力量!

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