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12/19 Christmas party

On Dec. 19, HAS had their annual Christmas party🎄🎉. The students had a great time decorating gingerbread men and eating them. The students also opened gifts🎁 from their Secret Santa and were delighted with the surprises that they unwrapped. It was a great Christmas celebration for both students and teachers.

12/19 HAS舉行了今年的聖誕節派對🎄🎉,活動由學生們手作彩繪薑餅人展開序幕,然後品嚐自己彩繪的成果,每位學生都玩得相當開心。緊接著所有學生齊聚聖誕樹下,開打了他們拿到的聖誕禮物🎁,打開禮物的剎那讓他們既驚喜又高興,相信這次的聖誕節活動讓學生和老師們一起度過了一個很棒的歡樂時光。

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