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12/15 Community service event in Miaoli

On December 15, 2019, there was a community service event in Miaoli to help out eden social welfare. 👧🧒The students were given a challenging💪 but fun task, they were assigned to help create a big mural by sticking tiles on the wall with concrete. There were lots of different jobs the students could do, such as cutting the tiles into smaller pieces, sticking the tiles onto the wall, or even mixing up the concrete mixture. At the end of the day, the students created not just a big mural, but a work of art. 😊Everyone enjoyed the experience and they hoped they can do it again sometime in the future.

12/15 我們的社區服務志工隊👧🧒協助伊甸福利基金會到苗栗出任務,這是一個有趣且充滿挑戰💪的任務,學生們必須使用混凝土,將馬賽克磁磚以拼貼方式,創作一副大型壁畫。這次每位學生都體驗到不同的工作,例如:將磁磚切成小塊、粘貼磁磚到牆壁上,甚至要學習拌合混凝土。一整天的努力之後,學生們不僅僅是完成了一副大型壁畫,也完成了一件藝術品呢!每位參加這次服務的學生,都非常享受這樣的服務過程😊希望下次還有機會再來一次。

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