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11/14 Parent Teacher Conference

On Thursday, November 14 we had our second Parent Teacher Conference at HAS. This is always a very beneficial time for parents and teachers to have one on one conversations about our student’s academic progress. Both teachers and parents look forward to this time to ensure that everyone is on the same page and our students are receiving proper support. This is an excellent time for us to make sure our students are on the path to success.

11月14日星期四下午,HAS舉行了本學期第二次的親師會。 這樣面對面的溝通模式,讓家長們和老師能夠根據學生在校的學業表現,瞭解孩子的學習狀況, 老師與家長們同步掌握孩子們的學習,並且適當給予學生需要的支持協助。藉由這樣的機會,能夠確認學生們在學習上走向成功的道路。

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