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2019 Science Fair Letter

Dear Parents,

Here at HAS we encourage innovative thinking, problem solving, and scientific inquiry, and we try to provide a platform for our students to showcase these skills. Our annual Science Fair is a chance for our students to do this. The HAS Science Fair is an opportunity for students to investigate scientific questions and communicate their conclusions in a variety of ways. This year, HAS will be hosting its annual school-wide Science Fair on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (middle school) and Thursday, November 21, 2019 (high school) from 12:05pm-3:05pm.

Every student at HAS enrolled in a science course is participating in the Science Fair. They have been diligently working over the past month to complete their projects and to demonstrate their knowledge of science. This is an awesome opportunity for our students to truly shine! We invite all parents to come out and join us during the science fair to help support our students in their quest for knowledge. Sincerely, Mrs. Wilson and HAS Science Department


在新竹美國學校,我們鼓勵創新思維、解決問題的能力以及科學探究,我們努力為學生提供一個展示這些技能的平台。 我們一年一度的科學展覽會為我們的學生提供了這樣做的機會。 新竹美國學校科學展覽會為學生提供了研究科學問題並以各種方式傳達其結論的機會。 今年度科學展覽會將於11月20日星期三(國中部)以及11月21日星期四(高中部)從12:05 pm-3:05pm舉行。


祝 一切順心

新竹美國學校副校長Mrs. Wilson以及科學課程老師 敬上

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