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10/17 Cooking Club

On Thursday, October 17th the HAS Cooking Club met for their first session of the 2019/2020 year. Members: Kelly Loo, Kevin Huang, Brian Chen, Evelyn Yeh, and Adam Gibbons we’re excited to prepare a variation of one of Mr. Stancati’s favorite Italian chicken dishes. They eagerly and joyfully worked together to make chicken in a lemony mushroom white wine sauce, which is a combination of Chicken Camerani & Chicken Piccata. The preparation looked so fun and the food smelled so good that Vicky Hsu couldn’t help but get involved and officially joined before the end of the session.

Students were absolutely amazed at how good their creation tasted. The wonderful aromas drew in teachers and students from the whole school. The cooking club can’t wait for their next meeting.

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