HAS Dormitory will be Ready for Next Semester!

Many of the visitors who have attended our school's open houses have frequently asked about the dorms that we are building next door. Now we are happy to announce that HAS dormitory will be ready for next semester!

Our dorm is located in the National Art Park, and the best part is that it is right next to the school! The location is convenient for students to be on time and be very involved in our extracurricular activities that we host after school.

The dorm has 18 bedrooms (10 for male students, and 8 for female students). We can accommodate a total of 36 students. Each bedroom is built for two students which is much like a college experience. They include: two single beds, desks, cabinets, wardrobes, shoe storage, etc. All bedrooms have air conditioning and a bathroom with a dry area.

The meal plan includes breakfast and dinner at the dorm cafeteria. As part of the dorm community, students can also enjoy the amenities such as access to the internet, lounge room, cable programs, a communal kitchen, coin-operated washing machines, dryers, and vending machines. A dorm supervisor will be present to supervise the students. We hope that students in the dorm will learn to be independent and self-disciplined while also being able to socialize with other students and be connected to the school community.

Please note that the dorm is only open during weekdays. We want the students to spend some time with their families and share in the excitement of their daily life at HAS!

The dorm construction is still in progress, but it is coming together quickly. We can now easily picture what it will be like to live there! We can’t wait to give your children the opportunity to become more independent and learn and grow as a student at HAS. We welcome you to come and see it for yourself!

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