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2/22 Author Meet and Greet

On Friday February 22 2019, Mr. James Hugh Gough visited our upper elementary and middle school students for an exciting Author Meet and Greet. Mr. Gough is a Canadian native based in Taipei, Taiwan. His second book, “On an Island On the Sea" as well as his first book, “The Great Skate,” were released last year. He runs various art programs in Taipei at Jim's Art Studio, and James Hugh Gough Art Studio at Soul of Art 亞典美術.

Mr. Gough read his newest picture book, gave our students a lesson on shading and creating 3D objects in their drawings and even signed books for each our students. The students were so excited and happy to meet such an incredible author. We are so fortunate to have the support of our amazing PTA on Friday who helped arrange this wonderful event.

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