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2018 Winter Performance

Winter Performance is an event to show off our talents and to celebrate our winter holiday. There were many performances, such as The Greatest Showman. We ate during the performances, and the food was provided by the PTA. The food from PTA were hot coffee, hot milk tea, ham and cheese croissants, cake rolls, mini puffs and sushi.

The Winter Performance was on December 13, 2018. First we had “ The Greatest Showman” , which was performed by the middle schoolers. Then, were the grade 9s and they performed a skit called “ The Adventures of Thanos” . The tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders danced to many English songs. Beside grade performances, there were also some performances which were from the students who signed up.

The students who signed up were Lanna Ma and Gloria Ma, who sang “ Last Christmas”, Chris and Alex Tung who played the piano and the violin and Ben Li who played the guitar. Chrissie in grade 12 and the HAS Rock Band wow-ed the audience with their amazing voices and talents as well. At the very end, the Student Council had a performance of “ Baby Shark” . Everyone had fun, and the performances were so great. At the end of the night, everyone was very happy.

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