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11/24 Nantou Painting Event

On Saturday, November 24th, 25 students along with Mr. Swarthout went to Nantou to paint boxes with the dimensions of 6 by 2 by 3 meters. The students were divided into separate groups, each in charge of painting a side of the box, all with the theme of nature. The sun was beating down on all of us, causing everyone to suffer from dehydration and respiration. In the humid atmosphere, students were surrounded by clouds of dirt and bugs, along with Mr. Swarthout occasionally yelling, “Stay hydrated, kids!” This event showed the many talents of the students. Most showed their artistic side, a side that would have made Picasso proud. A few showed a great potential of being an archeologist, digging up giant pieces of rock one after the other. One thing that all the students had in common was that we all had perseverance. We pushed through the hot weather and the dirt that was evident everywhere, and completed the painting. Everyone went home exhausted with hands and clothes full of paint stains.

Overall, the land is going to be used to educate the homeless as to how to use plants to make oils. Big thanks to Art Council for putting their time into designing templates for us to paint.


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