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2018 Science Fair

Hsinchu American School's annual Science Fair took place Wednesday 11/14 and Thursday 11/15. All students enrolled in science classes participated in the fair, from grades 4 through 12. Students created projects and conducted experiments as individuals or in pairs. This event is a positive experience for our students because they have the chance to learn about the scientific method and how to conduct research through experiment. Students also have the opportunity to practice their public speaking in English while they present to a panel of teacher judges and administrators. Congratulations to our winners who placed this year; job well done to all HAS participants!

【4th - 6th GRADE】 - 1st Place: Edison L. Chi - 2nd Place: Ikuno Sasaki & Lian Chang - 3rd Place: Steve Loo

- Honorable Mention: Melody Liao

【7th - 8th GRADE】 - 1st Place: Johnny Yang - 2nd Place: Jia Qi Gooi - 3rd Place: Brenda Hsiao

- Honorable Mention: Molly Cheng

【MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA AWARDS】 - PTA Outstanding Presentation Award: Yoyo Lai, Casey Chiu, & Lanna Ma - PTA Outstanding Poster - David Kim

【HIGH SCHOOL】 - 1st Place: Kelly Loo & Mike Lin - 2nd Place: Ariel Chen & Mila Chen - 3rd Place: Wen Chuang & Ian Hsu - Honorable Mention: Alex Tung & Andy Liu - Honorable Mention: Ethan Murphy - Honorable Mention: Kevin Huang & Brian Chen

【HIGH SCHOOL PTA AWARDS】 - PTA Outstanding Presentation Award: Justin Mao - PTA Outstanding Poster - Erwin Hsu & Edison Chi Jr.


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