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Student Council Retreat

Last week, all members of the Student Council, along with Ms. Reep and Ms. Chen, travelled to Yilan for the annual Retreat. The students had a great time participating in team building activities, cooking together, getting to know each other better and planning all of the fun and cool events for this year. We look forward to the events that they will host this year including Lock-In, Homecoming, Spirit Weeks and Sports Day.

The 2018/2019 High School Student Council members are: Amy Lin, President Chrissie Gross, Vice-President

Gloria Ma, Treasurer

Ben Lee, Co-Treasurer

Dana Tils, Secretary

Elvis Feng, Student Activities Coordinator

Angel Lin, Student Activities Co-Coordinator

Kelly Loo, Community Service Coordinator

Ariel Lin, Community Service Co-Coordinator

Anson Feng, Sports Council Leader

Hannah Lee, Arts Council Leader

Erwin Hsu, Grade 11 Representative

Evonne Hsu, Grade 10 Representative

Ethan Murphy, Grade 9 Representative

The 2018/2019 Middle School Student Council members are: Kenneth Salas, President Ikuno Sasaki, Vice-President

Brenda Hsiao, Grade 8 Representative

Kerdis Pan, Grade 7 Representative

Steve Loo, Grade 6 Represenative

Congratulations to all of the students who were elected. Ms. Reep, Ms. Chen and Ms. Burden are looking forward to working with all of you!


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