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2018 Spring Carnival

Hurray! Our 9th Annual Hsinchu American School Spring Carnival was a sunny success!

On May 19, 2018, HAS hosted our Spring Carnival and it was a day filled with fun, food and great music. We are proud to represent various NGOs including World Vision Taiwan, Liberty in North Korea and Ai Heng Foundation and we raised over 7000NT for these great causes. We had many outside community businesses, including Leo's Tuck Shop, Hello Cupcake, Quantum Tacos, Nini's Corner, Habibi Patisserie, Sausage Shack and Indiatown, join us for the day and sell their delicious treats. The students also showed off their savvy business skills as they created and ran their own drink and game booths. Amy Lin, in eleventh grade, hosted her own booth where she sold her own beautiful handmade earrings, which were a smashing hit! The entertainment was excellent as well and we'd like to thank Chrissie Gross, the HAS Rock Band, the HIS Cheer Team as well as Dongmen Music School for performing. We are so proud of our students and all of the amazing things that they've done over the year.

Special thanks go out to the wonderful Parent Teacher Association for all of their support and assistance. A final huge thank you to all of the community members for coming and supporting Hsinchu American School and our students! We look forward to seeing you all again soon!


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