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HAS Gives Back to the Community!

On Saturday, April 21, thirty students along with Ms. Chen, Mr. Maginn, and Ms. Phenix had the opportunity to travel to the PACK Sanctuary in New Taipei City for a community service event. At the event, we learned about puppy mills in Taiwan and why it is very important to adopt or foster animals. We also met with Lucy and Willow, two of the Sanctuary's animals who had been paralyzed and abandoned. After a service-learning workshop, a group of students went to the Dog VIlla where they helped out by cleaning cages, moving large packages and helping the animals socialize. Other students helped by cleaning and socializing in at the Cat Villa, while some put together folders to help the PACK Volunteer Coordinator Claire, organize name tags for all of the abandoned animals at the shelter.

All in all, it was a very rewarding experience and the students had an eye-opening experience learning about animals and animal rights in Taiwan. We look forward to the many other community service events coming up this year!


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