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2018 History Fair

This year, HAS students enrolled in a Social Studies class participated in our annual History Fair! Students from grades 5 through 12 created presentation style projects based on the international theme, "Conflict and Compromise in History". Each student selected a topic of their interest, related to the theme. Students created impressive powerpoint presentations with images, extensive information, and references to primary and secondary sources. The presentations were judged by our teachers and students were also given the opportunity to watch their peers present. The fair was successful as all students tried their best and gained public speaking, research, and critical thinking skills! This year, we have awarded three PTA awards for students who have demonstrated great improvement in speaking, confidence, and overall presentation. Great work to these students! A special congratulations to the following winners and Honorable Mentions:

Middle School Winners: 5th vs. 6th 1st- Kiki Chen 2nd- Casey Chiu 3rd- Gigi Hsu PTA Award- Lanna Ma

7th vs. 8th 1st- Brian Duan 2nd- Chris Tung 3rd- McKenzie Chen Honorable Mention- Ethen Chiu Honorable Mention- Brenda Hsiao PTA Award- Tanya Hsiao

High School Winners: 1st- Johnson Chen 2nd- Kelly Loo 3rd- Ivy Tseng Honorable Mention- Kevin Chiang Honorable Mention- Tracy Hu PTA Award- Richard Lin


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