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March 2018 Value of the Month

The most recent Middle School Value of the Month was perseverance. Perseverance is the ability and self-control that pushes you to work through challenges. Students learned about this important life skill in Advising with their teachers and classmates. During Advising, students also created a Star Board full of our dreams and the steps that we need to complete in order to achieve them. At HAS, we want our students to understand the value of persevering through difficult situations, improving, and always working their hardest! This value will benefit students now and well into their future achievements outside of HAS.

This month the award winners for Student of the Month were Steve Loo in Grade 5 and Sean Bos in Grade 8. Sean has been working hard to raise all of his grades and he has become noticeably more responsible and dedicated. Steve is new to our school this semester, and he is off to a fantastic start! Steve has volunteered to several extra-curricular opportunities and he has a great attitude towards school and learning. Congratulations to both of these HAS middle schoolers! Keep on working hard for your dreams boys!


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