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2017 Science Fair

HAS hosted their annual Science Fair on December 6th - 7th. The following are our winners:

【5th & 6th GRADE】 - 1st Place David Kim - 2nd Place Kiki Chen - 3rd Place Ikuno Sasaki

- Honorable Mention: Mina Huang

【7th & 8th GRADE】 - 1st Place Chris Tung - 2nd Place Brenda Hsiao - 3rd Place Brian Duan

- Honorable Mention: Tanya Hsiao

- Middle School PTA Most Improved Award: Mina Huang

【HIGH SCHOOL】 - 1st Place Catherine Lu & May Lee - 2nd Place Vincent Ho & Spencer Yao - 3rd Place Peggy Lee - Honorable Mention: Ariel Chen & Angel Chen - Honorable Mention: Tracy Hu & Evonne Hsu - Honorable Mention: Mila Chen

- High School PTA Most Improved Award: Tracy Hu & Evonne Hsu


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