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Swimming Awards

HAS Swimming Captain Wen Chuang and three other students, Ian Hsu, Erwin Hsu, and Evonne

Hsu participated in the Hsinchu City Athletics Competition (新竹市106年全市運動會) this past weekend. This event was held at the National Tsing Hua University (清華大學) Swimming Pool on September 23rd through September 24th hosted by the Hsinchu City Government. Our students won three medals and eleven awards. Good job HAS Swimming Team!

These are the awards they won:

High School Male Group

2nd Place: 50 Meter Freestyle – Wen Chuang

5th Place: 50 Meter Freestyle – Ian Hsu

4th Place: 50 Meter Butterfly – Ian Hsu

8th Place: 50 Meter Breaststroke – Erwin Hsu

6th Place: 100 Meter Butterfly – Ian Hsu

3rd Place: 100 Meter Freestyle – Wen Chuang

8th Place: 100 Meter Freestyle – Erwin Hsu

1st Place: 200 Meter Medley – Wen Chuang

Middle School Female Group

6th Place: 50 Meter Freestyle – Evonne Hsu

7th Place: 50 Metter Breaststroke – Evonne Hsu 6th Place: 100 Meter Freestyle – Evonne Hsu



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