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IOWA Tests

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

On September 27-29, 2016, students in grade 5-8 will be taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. The Iowa Assessments assess student achievement in Reading, Written Expression, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language, and Computation. We administer this test to assess where each child is performing academically and to see how our students’ achievements compare to others across the United States who complete the very same test. In addition, the data also highlights the valuable information about individual student strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, the test allows us to assess school-wide achievement and may, in some cases inform appropriate instruction in a given area or areas.

The tests will be administered over a course of three days, with students taking four sub-tests per day over the course of the testing period. Each sub-test has a time limit ranging from 10-35 minutes, depending on the subject matter. Testing will begin each day at approximately 8:20AM.

It is not necessary for students and families to study or otherwise prepare for the testing. We ask only that students get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast during the week of testing.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Donnelly or Ms. Chen if you have any questions with regards to Iowa Testing.


Ms. Chen


5-8年級的學生將於9月27-30日參加基本能力測試IOWA Test,IOWA測驗將評量學生們在閱讀、寫作表達、數學、自然科學、社會、語言以及計算方面現有的能力。學校舉辦這項測驗是要評鑑每位學生目前學科的學習狀況,以及與在美國做過幾乎相同測試的學生做一個比較。除此之外,測驗結果將會是非常珍貴的資料,因為我們可以得知每位學生的強項和弱項。近年來,這項測驗讓學校可以評估所有學生的成就,而且在某些狀況下,也可以給予學生在特定的一個領域或多個領域適當的指導。



如果您有任何關於IOWA測驗的問題,歡迎與Mr. Donnelly 或Ms. Chen 聯繫。

祝 一切順心,

Ms. Chen 敬上


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